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First post March 25, 2008

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Well, I’ve decided to start using wordpress. I skipped over here after being thoroughly disgusted with some stuff that was going on at LJ, and although I don’t think I’ll abandon LJ – my blog there is a bit like a spoiled, much-loved child – I’ll try wordpress for a bit.

What can I say?  I tend to spread myself too thinly across the internet – especially when vanity and exhibitionism are involved.



1. jess - March 25, 2008

welcome ronni! does geata poeg na dainann mean none come out altered?

2. zemarl - March 25, 2008

heiii i did it 😛 i thought you’d like this one better, it’s got more writer sex-appeal than That Other Place. nice title 😉

3. dolorosa12 - March 27, 2008

Thanks for the welcomes, both of you. I think I’m going to stick with LJ, too, simply because I’ve invested so much time in it, but I’m liking wordpress – especially the pretty layout. However, I hate that you can’t reply to specific comments.

Jess, Geata Póeg na Dainann means ‘Gate of Oblivion’s Kiss’ in Irish. It’s the name of the gate to Faerie in Cecilia Dart Thornton’s Bitterbynde trilogy. I can’t write anything more about it without posting spoilers to the series, but suffice to say that ‘None come out unaltered’ is a pretty apt description of what happens to people who walk through the Geata Póeg na Dainann in the series.

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