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When I grow up… May 22, 2008

Posted by dolorosa12 in childhood, memories.
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When I was two, I was going to be a fairy, angel or animal when I grew up. I’m not sure how I could’ve trained for these positions, but it’s obvious that logic has never been my strong point.
When I was six, I was going to be a hairdresser (‘because I like getting my hair done’) by day and a ballerina (‘in the Royal Ballet Company’) by night. Well…I was certainly enthusiastic.
When I was seven I wanted to be a palaeontologist or an astronaut. Mainly because I was utterly obsessed with dinosaurs and outer space. I had romantic visions of myself finding the bones of a muttaburrasaurus perfectly preserved in the Australian soil, or perhaps spinning around in a gravity-less spaceship somewhere between Mercury and Venus. The future spread out before me in a perfect, glorious mixture of archaeological digs and trips to collect moonrocks.
When I was nine I was going to be a writer and illustrator of ghost stories when I grew. I practiced so that when I was a grown-up I’d be really good at writing. The protagonists were always shy, lonely, misunderstood girls who hung out a lot in graveyards and found their perfect friends among the dead.
When I was 10 I was going to be a diplomat or travel-writer when I grew up. It didn’t occur to me that my pathological fear and hatred of change might be a problem for this particular career choice.
When I was 12 I was going to be a translator of Japanese into English. Demo watashi wa nihongo wo oboitenai yo. (And that’s probably not even correct!)
When I was 18 I was going to be a journalist when I grew up. Never mind my parents’ horror. After all, I was going to be a print journalist and steer clear of their stamping ground of the ABC!
When I was 22 I was going to be a brilliant academic, making ground-breaking discoveries in the mediæval Celtic field. When I grew up, I would sit in a room, reading books, writing papers and passing on my knowledge to a small, eccentric band of students, who, like me, loved Celtic Studies because it removed them from the ordinary, day-to-day tedium of the everyday world.
When I grow up…
When I grow up…
I want to be…
I want to be?
I want to?
I want?


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