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A portrait of the student as a young procrastinator October 21, 2008

Posted by dolorosa12 in uni.
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5.30am: What’s that noise? Oh, that’s right, it’s my housemate in the kitchen, fuelling up before rowing training. *back to sleep*
7am: What’s that noise? Oh, that’s right, rowing housemate has returned. MUST HAVE SLEEEEEEP!
8.30am: *staggers out to the shower*
8.40am: *staggers out of the shower* *gets dressed*
8.50am: *realises the only food she has is rice, broccoli and bacon*
8.55am: *heads off to Sainsbury’s*
9.05am: Oooh, bagel and coffee and Indigo Cafe sounds like a good idea.
9.30am: *finally arrives at Sainsbury’s*
9.45am: Where oh where might they keep the salsa.
9.57am: *finds salsa right next to burritos, tacos, etc*
10.10am: *staggers home laden down with three bags of shopping*
10.25am: *unpacks shopping*
10.35am: Well, maybe I should check my email to see if my supervisor’s replied about my dissertation ideas.
10.40am: Oooh, Livejournal. Snazzy.
10.50am: Oooh, new QC’s up.
11am: Oooh, two friend requests on Facebook.
11.15am: Oh dear, Mim’s having an essay crisis. *sigh*
11.45am: *finishes editing Mimi’s essay*
11.50am: *supervisor still hasn’t replied*
11.51am: *starts Latin homework*
Noon: *hears flatmate in kitchen* *goes to investigate/talk*
12.15pm: Now, about that Latin…
12.45pm: I feel hungry.
12.50pm: Oooh, Facebook chat. Snazzy.
1pm: *resumes Latin homework*
1.30pm: *finishes Latin homework*
1.31pm: *supervisor still hasn’t replied*
1.32pm: *begins posting blow-by-blow description of the day’s procrastination on WordPress*
1.58pm: *finishes the post*



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